Youth Education

Preparing young people for healthy futures with high-quality sex education


We believe in sex ed that works.


All youth should have the information they need to make healthy, informed decisions about their own sexual health. This is why we deliver medically accurate, evidence-based and evidence-informed curricula. 

We work in schools, community and summer programs, and we have a broad menu of curricula that can benefit your young people.


For more information:

Anthony Betori, Program Director

210-223-4589, or email us here

Our Programs

Elementary School


1 session | 45 minutes

This lesson teaches relationship skills by allowing children to think critically about the qualities of a healthy relationship shown in good friendships.


1-3 sessions | 3 hours

Our puberty program covers the physical, emotional, and social changes that can occur during puberty. Youth can feel better prepared for these changes, leading to better self-esteem and social awareness.

Middle School

Get Real

9 sessions | 45-60 minutes each

An evidence-based program, Get Real emphasizes social and emotional learning skills to promote abstinence, provides a comprehensive understanding of sexual health, sexuality, and protection methods. It also supports parents as the primary educators of their children through take-home family activities.

Draw the Line/Respect the Line

5-7 sessions | 45 minutes each

This evidence-based curriculum helps students develop personal sexual limits and practice the skills needed to maintain those limits when challenged. The program stresses that abstinence is the healthiest choice, covers setting limits to prevent STIs and pregnancy, and discusses social pressure, challenges, assertive communication, and refusal skills.

High School

Big Decisions

10 sessions | 45 minutes each

Written by the founder of Healthy Futures of Texas, Dr. Janet Realini, Big Decisions is a medically accurate, abstinence-plus curriculum. Big Decisions covers goals and dreams, healthy relationships, anatomy and reproduction, contraceptives, STIs, and much more.

Love Notes

13-15 sessions | 45-90 minutes each

Love Notes is an evidence-based program that covers how to make wise choices about sex, relationships, pregnancy, and more. This program is innovative because it integrates topics like pregnancy prevention with workforce readiness and practical skills using popular media and interactive activities. 

Seventeen Days

1 session | 60 minutes

This evidence-based interactive DVD/website is designed to educate young women on contraception and STIs. By identifying choice-points and suggesting risk-reduction strategies, viewers use cognitive rehearsal to mentally practice how they would respond in similar situations.

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