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The Ultimate Guide to Talk to Your Teen

By Taylor Stafford


When you think back to your pivotal adolescent years do you remember having “the talk” with your parents or a family member? What was that talk like? Was it just one awkward talk or was it many little quick discussions? Or was there even talk at all?

Now that I am older I appreciate much of the open dialogue I have with my family. But, when I was a teenager, sex was not discussed very much in my family. Because I was not getting the education in school and limited education from my family at the time, I turned to the locker room conversations we had at volleyball practice to learn about sex. Today, I see that not much has changed for my teenage nieces and nephews. That's why the parent program is so important to me, and that’s why I want to help you.

My name is Taylor Stafford, and as a member of the Healthy Futures of Texas team, I am here to help you talk with your teens about safe sex. Our program, Key Conversations provides medically accurate and research-based information to give you the confidence you need to have an open and respectful conversation with your teen.

If your teen isn’t getting the proper education about sex from school, they are getting it from friends, social media, and the internet. That is why the Key Conversations curriculum is so important. The lessons, which are part of the Healthy Futures of Texas parent education program, will give you all the necessary tools, information, tips, tricks, and practice you may need in order to feel confident to have “the talk” with your teen. My goal is to create a safe and open space where you can seek professional guidance to answer those tough questions your teen may ask.

To find out more about Key Conversations, contact me us here. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on this natural and important journey with your teen.


Taylor Stafford, is a Health Educator based in San Antonio. In this role, she gets to fulfill her passion in helping parents have meaningful conversations with their teens about sexual health. When she’s not hanging out with family and friends, Taylor enjoys watching movies, going to the beach, and exploring new places.

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