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Save the Date: Healthy Futures of Texas Presents: Accessing Our Futures (the virtual event)

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

By Perdita Henry

As the world went on pause and we all retreated into our homes, Healthy Futures of Texas leadership began to wonder what an annual event might look like in 2020. Suddenly, an in-person event meant to share and celebrate the hard work that’s taken place since last October didn’t seem likely.

After conversations with the event planning committee, we decided to take life’s lemons and make lemonade. Healthy Futures of Texas is pleased to announce that this year’s annual event will be virtual!

The Accessing Our Future live stream will take place on YouTube, October 21, from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. and feature staff from every program – BAE-B-SAFE, Big Decisions, the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition (TWHC), and the Youth Advocacy Council (YAC). Viewers will have the chance to learn more about the programs that make up Healthy Futures of Texas and how each one works to ensure communities can access their future.

“Voting is just one of the ways people can ensure the social issues we’re passionate about are addressed,” Evelyn Delgado, Executive Director and President of Healthy Futures of Texas, says. “Supporting organizations that are already doing the work in your community is another way to turn empathy into action. A donation to Healthy Futures of Texas is an action that directly impacts our communities.”

Registration for the virtual event is free, and while donations of any size are appreciated, we’ve created donation levels and perks to incentivize us all to dig a little deeper.

There’s no such thing as too much hand sanitizer or contraception knowledge!

Donate $30 and you’ll receive the first ever Healthy Futures of Texas branded Fiesta Medal and hand sanitizer. Our exclusive Fiesta medal will commemorate the event and help you remember the effectiveness of different contraceptive methods. Knowledge never goes out of style.

Protecting yourself and others is always in style.

Donate $45 and you’ll receive the Fiesta Medal, hand sanitizer, and face mask.

Life has changed quite a bit, but what better way to meet those adjustments gracefully than showing your support for Healthy Futures while you protect yourself and those around you.

Support sexual health education, but make it fashion? Yes, please!

Donate $85 and you’ll receive the Fiesta medal, hand sanitizer, face mask, and a BAE-B-SAFE t-shirt.

BAE-B-SAFE is notorious for producing the trendiest t-shirts! Get one and you are sure to receive numerous compliments and questions about where you got it—just like those of us who rock them at the gym, HEB, and everywhere in between.

Bring on the chill, pumpkin spice, and sweatshirt season!

Donate $100 and you’ll receive the Fiesta medal, hand sanitizer, face mask, and sweatshirt.

It will be chilly before you know it, so infuse some BAE-B-SAFE style into those brief trips out of the house or your morning walks.

Socially distant conversations make everyone happy.

Donate $200 or more, and you’ll receive the Fiesta medal, hand sanitizer, face mask, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt.

Who doesn’t like variety? Wear it and carry it all, or break out your merch here and there as a conversation starter.

Variety is the spice of life, so if one item is calling to you, feel free to donate at any of the following amounts to snag the swag you like:

  • $50 for a BAE-B-SAFE sweatshirt;

  • $35 for a BAE-B-SAFE t-shirt;

  • $25 for the commemorative Fiesta medal; and

  • $15 for the Healthy Futures of Texas face mask.

“Each donation to Healthy Futures of Texas supports our work,” Ben Delgado, Vice President for Operations, says. Educators will have more access to our programs and trainings, students will have the chance to learn about sexual health in a safe and supportive environment, and community college students will have access to more expansive sexual health information and more opportunities to connect to healthcare. We Access Our Futures when we are empowered through education that helps us make the best choices for our own lives. Your donation is another way to invest in your community.”

We hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a historical moment for Healthy Futures, and that you’re inspired to act by supporting the work we do across the state of Texas.

Register and donate here

Healthy Futures sends much thanks and appreciation to our event sponsors Alamo Colleges, Palo Alto College, St. Philip's College, San Antonio College, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc., and UT Health San Antonio - The Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics. We couldn’t do this without your unwavering and continued support.

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