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Gearing up to Access Our Future

By Perdita Henry

Register and join us for the Accessing Our Future virtual event on YouTube Wednesday, October 21, from 12 – 1 p.m. It promises to be a great opportunity to learn more about our work and how it impacts stakeholders, students, and advocates.

We are excited about the programming we’ve created to bring you more insight into Healthy Futures of Texas, but we couldn’t do any of it without your support. We always encourage you all to donate every year ahead of, and during, our annual event, but this year, since we can’t be together, we’ve created specialized donor tiers that come with new exclusive merchandise to inspire you to dig a little deeper.

There’s no such thing as too much hand sanitizer or contraceptive knowledge!

Donate $30 and you’ll receive the first ever Healthy Futures of Texas Fiesta medal and hand sanitizer. This exclusive design will commemorate the event and help you remember the effectiveness of different contraceptive methods.

Protecting yourself and others is always in style.

Donate $45 and you’ll receive the Fiesta medal, hand sanitizer, and face mask.

Life has changed quite a bit, but what better way to meet those adjustments gracefully than showing your support for Healthy Futures while you protect yourself and those around you.

Support sexual health education, but make it fashion? Yes, please!

Donate $85 and you’ll receive the Fiesta medal, hand sanitizer, face mask, and a BAE-B-SAFE t-shirt.

BAE-B-SAFE is notorious for producing some of the best branded merchandise! You’ll hear the question, “where’d you get that shirt?” more than ever.

Bring on the chill, pumpkin spice, and sweatshirt season!

Donate $100 and you’ll receive the Fiesta medal, hand sanitizer, face mask, and sweatshirt.

Picture it, fall 2020. The need for central air is behind you and there’s a nice chill on the breeze. Slip into that new BAE-B-SAFE sweatshirt and snuggle up to a hot beverage. You know you want to.

Socially distant conversations make everyone happy.

Donate $200 or more, and you’ll receive the Fiesta medal, hand sanitizer, face mask, t-shirt, and sweatshirt.

Who doesn’t like variety? It’s going to be a fall and winter for the history books, so be a part of history and snatch up all these timely and exclusive pieces to help you through.

Is one item really calling to you? Feel free to donate at any of the following amounts to snag the swag you like:

  • $50 for a BAE-B-SAFE sweatshirt;

  • $35 for a BAE-B-SAFE t-shirt;

  • $25 for the commemorative Fiesta medal; and

  • $15 for the Healthy Futures of Texas face mask.

Secure your merchandise today by donating. Your donation supports our work and ensures that we continue to bring education and advocacy efforts that will help communities access their future.

Healthy Futures sends much thanks and appreciation to our event sponsors Alamo Colleges, Palo Alto College, St. Philip's College, San Antonio College, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc., Texas Medical Liability Trust, University Health System San Antonio, and UT Health San Antonio - The Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics. We couldn’t do this without your unwavering and continued support.

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