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For Immediate Release: Major Investment from Baptist Health Foundation!

We are proud to announce a major investment from Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio in new work at Healthy Futures of Texas.

Baptist Health Foundation has made a $50,000 investment into program developments that represent new territory for Healthy Futures of Texas. We are chasing new dreams, and this investment comes at an opportune time.

We will use these funds for:

  • Strategic planning for curriculum design and dissemination, to be completed by October 2020

  1. Building on the legacy of our Big Decisions curriculum, we will be preparing for a robust and innovative curriculum design and dissemination process

  2. We will be researching cutting-edge strategies to engage young people directly as co-authors in the process of curriculum design, expanding their role from the traditional pre/post survey evaluation strategy

  3. We will be investing in new strategies for marketing our curriculum to schools and organizations around Texas and nationally

  4. We hope to create high-quality and engaging trainings for facilitators of these new curricula

  • Piloting our “Embedded Staff Person” model at a partner agency, to be first completed in April 2020

  1. We will take our more than 14 years of facilitation experience and build a ‘booster rocket’ program for our partner agencies, where they learn to implement quality sex ed themselves on an ongoing basis

  2. We are learning from the success of replication programs in schools, where teachers learn to facilitate sex ed curricula themselves so as to build a school culture of sexual health awareness

  3. We will experiment with ways to build similar cultures of sexual health awareness with our community partners, especially those who serve young people without access to sex ed at school due to homelessness and other concerns

  4. We will synthesize our learnings in this process to create a model that can be replicated throughout San Antonio and, hopefully, Texas and the nation

We are grateful to Baptist Health Foundation for taking this next step with us. We value our relationships with funders who encourage us to push for increasingly excellent products to do increasingly successful work.

For other foundations and granting agencies: Would you like to invest in this project as well? Contact Anthony Betori at for proposal information.

For individuals: Would you like to support our new initiatives? You can donate here, or share this blog post with someone who might want to hear about this!

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