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Our Work

Healthy Futures of Texas has been a consistent leader, helping Bexar County see a consistent decrease in its teen birth rate since its founding in 2006.

Every year, we serve 12,000 young people through our programs and millions more through our advocacy efforts. At the state level, our work has maintained or increased millions in funding for preventative healthcare for women, young people and families.

Community Level

Working with multiple partners and through multiple programs, we ensure that young people have access to the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies and sexual health.

State Level

We manage a coalition of professional, healthcare and faith-based organizations that advocates for state funding and policies to ensure Texas women have access to preventative healthcare. We train, inform, and provide Texas schools with science-based sexual health education.​

Federal Level

In 2018, the federal government moved to end a Department of Human Services program that was funding $213 million in teen pregnancy prevention efforts. We participated in a class-action lawsuit and won, securing a major victory for our community and the 61 agencies implementing programs across the country​.

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Our History


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Texas Teen Births: 51,140

National Teen Births: 414,593

Our Impact

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