Strengthening Texas Communities

Since 2006, Healthy Futures of Texas has worked to

reduce unplanned and teen pregnancies

through science-based education and advocacy efforts that

empower young people, women, and families

to make the best decisions for their futures

What We Do

Youth Education

We work with community colleges, local school districts and community organizations to offer sex education and STI prevention information

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Parent Education

We work with parents at organizations across the state to offer abstinence-plus education to caregivers and families

Youth Development

We empower young people to become leaders of change who have firm plans for their future and are sustained civic leaders

Curriculum Design

We develop abstinence-plus sex

education curriculum that's used in

more than 20 Texas school districts

Advocacy & Policy

We build relationships with local

and state policy makers to improve preventative healthcare for all Texas, especially women and young people


2300 W. Commerce Ave.

Suite 212

San Antonio, TX 78207

Tel: 210-223-4589

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