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Community Implementation

Preparing young people for healthy futures with high-quality sex education


We believe in sex ed that works.


All youth should have the information they need to make healthy, informed decisions about their own sexual health. This is why we deliver medically accurate, evidence-based and evidence-informed curricula. 

We work in schools, community and summer programs, and we have a broad menu of curricula that can benefit your young people.


For more information:

Anthony Betori, Program Director

210-223-4589, or email us here

Our Programs

Elementary School


1-4 sessions | 4 hours

Our puberty program covers the physical, emotional, and social changes that can occur during puberty. Youth can feel better prepared for these changes, leading to better self-esteem and social awareness.

Middle and High School

Big Decisions

10 sessions | 45 minutes each

Written by the founder of Healthy Futures of Texas, Dr. Janet Realini, Big Decisions is a medically accurate, abstinence-plus curriculum. Big Decisions covers goals and dreams, healthy relationships, anatomy and reproduction, contraceptives, STIs, and much more.

Under Development

In coordination with youth co-developers trained in curriculum development, our staff is developing exciting new curriculum products.



An online, self-guided curriculum that builds understanding of what consent is and why it's essential to healthy relationships.

The Pride Guide to STIs

An online, self-guided curriculum for LGBTQ+ youth on STIs and HIV, funded and supported by the End Stigma End HIV Alliance through Ending the HIV Epidemic funds. The curriculum focuses on testing, treatment, and prevention methods

Foster Youth, Caregivers, & Professionals

The Texas Foster Youth Health Initiative offers free programs for all those involved in the child welfare system. 

For more info, check out or contact us here. 

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