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Making healthy relationships the norm for teens


We partner with four youth-serving community agencies within Bexar County who are working towards the same goal - helping 13 to 19 year-olds make healthier decisions for their futures. Bri.a is short for Brillante Amor, or "shining love."


We support young people by providing evidence-based programming that covers:

  • Establishing healthy relationships

  • Boundary and goal setting

  • Healthy communication techniques

  • Sexual and reproductive health education


Bri.a also includes a component that promotes parent/trusted adult connections to help youth build trusted relationships with the adults in their life, outside and beyond of our program.

For more information:

Bethany Luis, Director of School District Health Initiatives

210-223-4589or email us here

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We’re so excited to launch Bri.a alongside our partner agencies and expand to new community agencies and faith-based organizations.


Reach out if you have questions or think we’d be a good fit for the adolescents you serve.


Our Curricula

In 13 lessons, youth learn more about themselves: how their past has shaped the present and how to make decisions on what they want for their own future.


They learn what healthy relationships are and are not while building a set of skills for choosing friends and partners, and for developing and maintaining healthy relationships, including evidence-based communication and conflict management skills.


Parents and trusted adult connection activities offer conversation starters on healthy relationships and on the benefits of leaving sex out of their youthful relationships.

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