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Big Decisions 

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Leading the way in abstinence-plus education in Texas


The Big Decisions curriculum is designed to help young people make healthy and informed decisions about sex and relationships. Authored by Healthy Futures of Texas founder Dr. Janet Realini, it's approved for use in more than 40 Texas school districts and contains 10 easy-to-use lessons.


Big Decisions is designed to vigorously—and effectively—encourage young people to postpone sexual involvement. It provides guidance and information young people need to reduce their risks when they do become sexually active.

  •     Age-appropriate for 8th-12th grade students

  •     Medically accurate and up-to-date

  •     Conforms to Texas law (TEC §28.004)

  •     Values neutral, inclusive, and trauma-informed

For more information:

Bethany Luis, Director of School District Health Initiatives

361-739-3496, or email us here

Big Decisions 
Lesson Outline

Big Decisions 


Our in-depth training on Big Decisions trains educators how to be effective sexual health educators. We develop competency in four Foundational Principles and offer hands-on tutorials.

We recommend a two-day training for Big Decisions.

Interested in a training? Contact Bethany Luis by emailing us or at 361-739-3496.

Big Decisions 

Virtual Implementation

Our Virtual Facilitation Guidance Packet prepares you for distance learning settings.


If your campus has teachers that have been previously trained on Big Decisions 4th Edition, your district can purchase the packet for each of your teachers for $90.00.  The 5th Edition version is in development.


Reach out to Bethany Luis to learn more by emailing us or at 361-739-3496

Big Decisions 

Evaluation Project

In 2015, Healthy Futures was granted an Office of Population Affairs Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant to evaluate Big Decisions. This randomized controlled trial was being conducted in three rural border Texas school districts:

  • Eagle Pass Independent School District

  • San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District

  • Carrizo Springs Consolidated Independent School District

We coordinated this project with our partners, Philliber Research and Evaluation and Cardea Services.

9th grade classes received either Big Decisions or a control program, and students completed confidential surveys before, directly after the program, and 12 months after the program. Students participated in the study only with parent or guardian consent, and parents and guardians of the students were offered the companion parent program, Key Conversations.

Responding to Challenging Questions

Big Decisions nurtures a classroom environment that encourages youth to ask the questions they have about sex and relationships. It can be a challenge for facilitators to respond to these questions when they don't know the answer, or when the question is shocking.

We've developed a supplementary guide to responding to challenging questions. Facilitators, administrators, and parents can use this guide to navigate the questions that arise as youth complete Big Decisions.

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